Adam Bartos: Boulevard

Boulevard is a visual tale of two disparate cities: Paris and Los Angeles. In the early 1970s Adam Bartos began to use colour photography to document the contemporary urban landscape, infusing his images with a quiet calm and finding composition in even the most random corners. He often focused his lens on his native New York and published a monumental series of photographs examining the modern architecture of the United Nations. In the late 1970s and then again in the early 1980s, Bartos travelled to Los Angeles and to Paris. These two influential trips would have a strong and lasting impact upon his vision.

In this book, an intriguing dialogue takes place before our eyes. As we venture through the scarcely inhabited hotel rooms, backyards, gas stations, and, inevitably, city streets, we are struck by the graphical relationships, the surprisingly similar colour palate between the two.

The book contains an introduction by Geoff Dyer.

Published: UK and US, Steidl, 2006