Broadsword Calling Danny Boy: On Where Eagles Dare

Wil Malone, the music producer and arranger, sent Geoff this brilliant tune derived from samples from Where Eagles Dare. It rocks the schloss!

‘Geoff Dyer’s funniest book yet. Who else would work in Martha Gellhorn on the first page of a book on the film Where Eagles Dare?’ Michael Ondaatje

From the acclaimed writer and critic Geoff Dyer, an extremely funny scene-by-scene analysis of Where Eagles Dare – published as the film reaches its 50th anniversary.

A thrilling Alpine adventure starring a magnificent, bleary-eyed Richard Burton and a coolly anachronistic Clint Eastwood, Where Eagles Dare is the apex of 1960s war movies, by turns enjoyable and preposterous. ‘Broadsword Calling Danny Boy’ is Geoff Dyer’s tribute to the film he has loved since childhood: an analysis taking us from its snowy, Teutonic opening credits to its vertigo-inducing climax. For those who have not even seen Where Eagles Dare, this book is a comic tour-de-force of criticism. But for the film’s legions of fans, whose hearts will always belong to Ron Goodwin’s theme tune, it will be the fulfilment of a dream.

‘One of our greatest living critics, not of the arts but of life itself, and one of our most original writers’ Kathryn Schulz, New York Magazine

Published by Pantheon in the US (February 2019) and by Penguin in the UK (October 2018).

‘Geoff Dyer’s Broadsword Calling Danny Boy is an hilariously funny, freewheeling, rule-breaking, wholly original, scene-by-scene sprint through the crazy action film Where Eagles Dare.’ Craig Brown, Daily Mail Books of the Year

‘A brilliant, intellectually sparkling critic… a comedian to his fingertips as well as a very serious man.’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Dyer can’t help writing brilliant sentences.’ Stephen Poole, Guardian

‘The magpie eclecticism of Geoff Dyer is something to wonder at.’ Antony Quinn, Financial Times

‘A short, eccentric, hugely enjoyable work that succeeds admirably in capturing the daft exuberance of Where Eagles Dare.’ Literary Review

‘He’s clever, he’s funny and he’s a very good writer.’ Times Literary Supplement

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